Since doing NaNoWriMo knocked me off the blog bandwagon…I mean, it’s like I can’t properly manage my time at all! Not to mention all the books I’ve been recently given (thank you Ellen, you doll!), lent (Sarah & Nick), and B&N ARC books that now have a waiting line since everyone I work with wants to read it! (I was number 2 in line, aw yeah) Regardless, it seems like I’m terrible at managing my free time and need to get a little better at it, I’ve been slacking! But Sara, of Sincerely Sara tagged me for the #writerslifetag and since I am doing NaNoWriMo this year (again) I thought it was the perfect tag!

Write Fuel: What Do You Eat/Drink While Writing?
I normally have a new latte by my side, preferably earl grey. Now that we have a Nespresso machine with a milk steamer at home, I make them myself, but whenever I find myself out and about while writing (with my two writing buddies!) I still have a tea latte! I also tend to snack on yogurts or puppy chow. 
Write Sounds: What Do You Listen to While Writing?
I tend to make a playlist for each story that I’m writing. I pick songs for mood, or what I feel like would be playing the background. (If the scene I’m writing takes place in an old diner, I listen to some songs I bet would be in the ancient jukebox, ya feel me?) Currently, my playlist spots these sorts of tracks:
Radio Protector by 65daysofstatic
Colorado Sunrise by 3OH!3
Bruises and Bitemarks by Good with Grenades
Robbers by The 1975
Nightmare Ballet from the Madoka Movie Soundtrack
The Judge by twenty one pilots
The Obituaries by The Menzingers
No. 9 by T-ARA
Renegades by X Ambassadors
Write Vice: What’s Your Most Debilitating Distraction?
Tumblr. Always Tumblr! Which then leads to watching animes, reading things online, and everything else the internet has to offer. 
Write Horror: What’s The WORST Thing That’s Ever Happened To You While Writing?
A few years back my hard drive crashed and my external hard drive got corrupted and I lost YEARS of files that I hadn’t backed up in a while. I lost entire stories and edits/additions to others. Thankfully I print out a lot of my stuff because I like hard copies to flip through, but some of the newer things I was working on were totally lost, which still makes me depressed when I think about it. 
Write Joy: What’s the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To You Whilst Writing?
Getting so into the story that I actually have dreams that I’m in the world I’m writing about. That’s how you know that you are really into the story you are writing! I must have a super active imagination/brain or something! 
Write Crew: Who Do You Communicate With (OR NOT) While Writing?
I used to NaNo alone, but now I NaNo with two friends! Meagan of Fiction Incarnate who has been my best friend since moving down here! Also Ellen, who Meagan is friends with and now I am also friends with! We normally get together after work at a nearby cafe and write, talk about our stories, and share old memes from our childhoods. It’s pretty fabulous!
Writing Secret: What’s Your Secret To Success (Or Hidden Flaw?)
I always write an outline in a notebook by hand, it helps me to write things out by hand before starting on the computer. I don’t know why, but that’s just how I’ve always approached stories. I like to write out major scenes as well, if the inspiration strikes me. So basically I don’t always write in a linear manner, if I get the sudden inspiration for the perfect ending, then I go down to the bottom of my word doc and write that perfect ending, then I go back up and keep on doing whatever I was doing before. It’s like playing connect the dots. 
Write-spiration: What Always Makes You Productive?
Random bursts of inspiration whether they come from a song, something someone tells me, or something I’m looking at on Tumblr. Once I get into that spot of wanting to write, I tend to put out some awesome scenes!
Write Peeve: What’s One Thing That Writers Do (or You Do!) That’s annoying?
I always mention that I’m writing something, but then if anyone asks to read it I immediately say “NO! NEVER! STAY AWAY!” and seriously, I’m sure EVERYONE finds that annoying. I have never really let anyone read something I’ve written in it’s entirety. Alex has read some things, but I just, for some reason, never want to let people read my stuff. Self-consciousness perhaps? 
Write Words: Share One Sentence From A Project:
(god it took me ages to find something) I’m sure all us current or post college students know this feeling:

“Tossing and turning all night long, she just wanted
to sleep through the day, but it was Tuesday and that brought forth a whole new
set of headaches.”

I tag anyone who is currently writing NaNoWriMo!!

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