Books for Breakfast #85

Book Reviews

A graphic novel and a comic this time around for books for breakfast! Still playing catch up!
A Silent Voice (whole series) by Yoshitoki Ooima
Sex Criminals Vol.1 by Matt Fraction

We are going to start this one out with the series called A Silent Voice or Koe no Katachi in Japanese! It’s 7 volumes long, so not too awful long of a series and part of it is translated and has been released here! A movie (animated) in also in the works!!

Anyways, the series is called a shounen (aka for young boys…think Naruto and Bleach) but actually deals with some VERY dark subjects and has a lot of drama. You really feel all those feels as the story progresses. The lead boy Ishida Shoya is a bully in Elementary school and his main target is a deaf girl named Nishymiya Shoko. Eventually she transfers schools and then everyone turns on Ishida and he becomes the victim of the bullying. It leads to very dark times for him, until his life is changed when he once again sees Shoko and tries his best to make up with her. It’s a slippery slope to friendship, especially when those around Shoko obviously don’t want her to be friends with her former bully.
The story is SO gripping, I read it all in one night, seriously, it’s just that good.

I’ve only read the first volume of this series, and for now, there isn’t much to say about it! It’s certainly X rated, I mean considering the title and all…well….let me just briefly explain what this comic is about, the description alone will tell you if you are interested in it or not.
So it’s about two people who learn they can stop time during sex and they start using this time to rob banks! Pretty interesting, no?

By Jess

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