Books for Breakfast #86

Book Reviews

The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

First, I’m like 98% sure that part of the movie they made of this book was filmed in Erie, my home town! Second, the book is written in such an interesting way, that it’s really fun to read. There aren’t any quotations marks on conversations, so sometimes you have to read the conversations a few times to make sure you know how is saying what. The book follows a father and son in a post apocalyptic wasteland. The young son wants to be a “Good Guy” and the father is trying hard to keep them both alive. It’s very real and dark. They are in a wasteland and while reading it feels like the young boy is a light in the darkness, he still has his child-like innocence and morals in a world where morals have all but vanished.

It’s apparently a school reading option for middle schoolers? (or 9th graders) something like that. It’s a great book! I’ve read a lot of end of the world books recently, but this one is very unique in the way that it’s written and the way that the story plays out/ends.

Another school reading book that I have never actually read before. I really loved this book though, you can see why it’s a classic. If you don’t know about the story already, it’s about a world where the firemen go to set the fires, not put them out. The point of the firemen are to burn books, all books, because the world that everyone is living in is one that frowns upon individual thinking. Why would anyone want to think anyways? All it does it make people feel insecure and worthless, so why not just partake in mindless fun and fall completely under the control of your id?

You feel me? So the story progresses when our lead fireman starts to wonder what is in these books that he is burning. This is a slippery slope, obviously, and soon he becomes an enemy of the state. The state of the world is so interesting. I love myself a good dystopian story and this is a classic! I would be that lady that chooses to burn to death with her books, by the way. I’m actually kind of sad that I never got to read this while in school. Although, I can probably appreciate it more, being that I’m older now and I wasn’t forced to read it for class.

By Jess

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