Hello (snowless) December!

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I’ve sorta been in slight shock that it’s already December and the fact that it’s already the SECOND week of December! Seriously, where did the time fly!? Someone please tell me. Explain this tomfoolery to me right now!

We finally picked up a tree and up it up and got it all decorated. The houses around us have super intense lights and decorations and all we have outside is a little wreath thing hanging on the door. One day we will care more about decorating, but this year is not that year. This year it’s just going to be the two of us for Christmas, we have our fun family time planned for after the holidays over New Years!

This year I am planning on sending out a lot of Holiday cards though! And so, on that note, if you’re interested in getting a Bookworm Holiday Card, please fill out this little google form!  Then I’ll write you a little note, maybe tuck in a little drawing or something! 🙂 I just like sending out cards and getting to know/meet new people!

In other news, I’m still reading, although I’ve been bad lately because….

LOVE LIVE SCHOOL IDOL FESTIVAL HAS CONSUMED MY EVER LIVING SOUL! Seriously. Out of the 70,000+ people that participated in the last contest/challenge/score match I ranked 169 out of all those people. Intense right? I played SO HARD EVERY DAY. All for the sake of getting this Kotori:

Which I did get, SO HECK YEAH MAN! Also, the other thing consuming my soul is One Piece, I’ve been re-watching my favorite arcs recently, which just puts me into a redic crazy mood. I smile all the time and talk about pirates and just generally try and make everything into a One Piece reference.

Yes fluffy pink pirate Donflamingo, jump into my arms. (Except not really cause you totally tried to kill my favorite man you complete asshole, but you’re still kinda cool and I like your fashion sense, and man I’m just so conflicted)
So, I’ll get back to my regular scheduled posting now, and enjoy the weather where ever you are! (Warm and sunny here, which is bizarre to me)

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