Books for Breakfast #89

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Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes and Soulless by Gail Carriger


While you wouldn’t know it, since I’m posting this review so late, I actually had an advanced reader copy of this book way back in like February when I read it in about two days. We were all passing the ARC around because everyone wanted to read it at work! (Back when I was at B&N) This book is the much anticipated sequel to You, which I reviewed last year on the blog after having it shoved upon me (gratefully) by a friend/past co-worker. (If you missed that review you can find it here)

So obviously, I don’t want to spoil anything, but the first book followed our not-very-lovable narrator, Joe, as he became completely and utterly enamored/obsessed/consumed by a girl who he met while working at his job in a book store. He did everything he could (legal or not) to learn about her and get closer to her, trying to become her boyfriend. It’s the sort of book that sends shivers down your spine and makes you check your locks three times before going to bed, and making sure there aren’t any cups of pee in the closet. (Inside joke…read the books and you’ll figure it out) That all being said, you find yourself in a tug-of-war with yourself over wether or not to root for Joe. Believe me, it’s conflicting, really churns up your emotions and leaves you reeling.

In this book Joe is trying to put his past, and Beck, behind him and tries to find solace in L.A. Since the first book took place on the east coast, this second book has a slightly different vibe, and a slightly different Joe as he is consumed and changed by the city of Los Angeles. The feelings you get while reading this book is drastically different from the first, it seems a lot more high paced, not as much mystery or drawing things out, and obviously there is a lot more flair and luxury. There is a new girl he is after in this book, and she is just as crazy as all the rest, and once again, you find yourself fighting over if you should root for Joe or not. The ending was a twist and I can’t wait for the third book (Which I’m pretty sure is coming out!)

You could be a stand alone, but Hidden Bodies is a great, solid, and well written sequel that manages to nearly live up to the experience of the first book. I’m constantly on the look out for more news on Kepnes now, she’s fantastic!


This was another book that was suggested to me by a fellow co-worker at Barnes & Noble. A quick, fluffy sort of read with the right mix of supernatural, bad assery, and romance. Alexia, our leading lady, is subtly rebeling against society by being seemingly unmarriable. (Totally a word right?) A self-proclaimed spinster who also happens to not have a soul. This little quirk allows her to disable the powers of any other supernatural that she comes in physical contact with. Vampires, werewolves, you name it, she can neutralize them with a touch. Though, in this victorian society, women are frowned upon when they hold jobs, especially when they hold jobs that would have them fighting against crimes within the supernatural community.

I always enjoy the lure os steampunk novels/series, and this is certainly that. It is also the “adult” series that is in the same universe as the Finishing School series, of which I’ve read the first book (Etiquette & Espionage). This book has a bit more romance and a bit more danger/action. It was an enjoyable read but I’m not running for the sequel. At some point I plan on finishing the series, but I don’t have an undying urge to read them all right now. It’s the type of book that I’d want to bring with me if I was laying on the beach, not too heavy and with enough fluff to keep me going. Plus I love those love-hate relationships, which is exactly what we have going on in this book series! Although sometimes Alexia did get on my nerves (JUST GIVE IN! LOVE EACH OTHER DAMMIT!)


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