Loosing & Regaining a Hobby



In the craziness of moving half way across the country, to what feels like a very distant land, I ended up nearly abandoning a hobby of mine as well. April marked a year since I’d last cosplayed! Now it’s nearly the end of May, and conventions have come and gone in the area, but I just never made it out to them. Partly because my entire cosplay community is back on the East coast (North and South, but still all east coast) and I haven’t made any friends in the cosplay community down here, nor do I know many Southern cosplayers at all, actually.

Still! I’ve finally unpacked some supplies and decided that it’s about time that I get back into my hobby of creating costumes and props. Alex, Sarah (who will be visiting), and I have planned to attend a very small (at least I assume it will be) convention in Austin, called Anime Austin, which is debuting this year in July! Yes, that’s right, this is the FIRST YEAR EVER that this convention will be held! That’s a first for me! I’ve never been to a maiden launch of a convention before! (Something to strike off the cosplay bucket list I suppose!)

yugioh group

I’m excited to throw myself into the local cosplay community, maybe meet some new cosplayers, and just to go to a convention for the first time in a whole year! I already have the costumes planned, supplies have been purchased, and crafting is underway! I also had the joy of explaining what sewing patterns were to Alex, who didn’t understand why I would “Buy things in pieces when clearly the costume was shown assembled on the packaging, what was I, I masochist or something?” Considering I do tend to make all my own costumes when buying them is actually a valid option, yes, I probably am. But, I digress, making a costume by hand is so rewarding and a lot of fun to boot! (Sure you might sustain some injuries and end up with stitches sometimes from improper box cutter usage, but what are scars but stories to tell?)

I still haven’t quite unpacked all my crafting supplies and it took me a better part of an evening to find my pins/pin cushion. I also realized I need a new pair of fabric scissors. Still, ordering all my new fabrics, wigs, and other supplies felt like a breath of fresh air. Although I don’t have the space our current house to really work the way I’d like to, hopefully the new house will have more breathing room. Not to mention, once we move into the new place, I’ll finally be able to unpack for real, instead of this temporary renting nonsense. (Not that the house we are renting is bad or anything, but it just doesn’t quite feel like home with an extra bedroom filled with boxes)

For the convention in July here are my costumes that I’m working on:

convention costumes

I’m also working on another just for fun, for future things, or just to take pictures in some time, once I find someone willing to take photos of me:


Have you ever had a hobby that you fell out of, or forgot about during a rough patch? Did you ever pick up your hobby again?


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  • Can’t wait to see your future cosplays! That’s something I’ve always wanted to try getting involved in. I’ve done little “casual cosplays” and things like that, but I’m just not as crafty as I’d like to be to make a full cosplay! Maybe someday?!

    • Go for it! Even doing closet cosplays is fun! It’s easy to get into and it’s a lot of fun! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Kay

    I’m so excited to see your cosplays! Yay! Honestly, my relationship with art was much like an on again/off again relationship for awhile. I went a couple years there without drawing anything. Now, I can’t imagine doing that! I hope you have a blast reigniting your hobby, and I can’t wait to see the progress (if you’ll be sharing that) and of course the finished pieces!