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I briefly mentioned NitWit Ridge in my Cambria travel diaries post not to long ago, but I wanted to talk a little bit more about it because I absolutely loved it. Ever since I first laid eyes on the house four or so years ago I knew that I wanted to tour it, if at all possible, and put it on my bucket list. The owner of the house, the late Arthur Beal was a garbage collector in Cambria during the 40’s and 50’s and he built his house out of the junk that people tossed out, and even apparently got some parts from the construction of the Hearst Castle! (Which is totally awesome!) The property was bought by a local family after his death and after repairing some of the house (there are still parts that can’t be toured due to danger) and they offer guided tours, which are amazing!

I learned so much about the history of the house and what he created out of other people’s garbage was just amazing! He was such an interesting man!

nitwit_ridge fence best_seat forgotten_bhudda nitwit_ridge_porch toilets old_singer drawer_of_letters musty_bottles  nitwitridge_front Cheers!

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