Yearly Goal Update + Wedding Wednesday

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I don’t actually think I posted any goals earlier in the year…although I did make some! There have been a lot of things that I’ve meant to get better at/start doing/stop doing etc. You know, basically how all goals work. I don’t really consider them to be “New Years Resolutions” or anything like that, I don’t make those. These are just goals that I’ve jotted down, kept in my mind, and things that’ve told myself need to change these past months leading up to now:

  • Drinking more water (at least a water bottle a day) -SORTA
  • Attempt to work out – TALKED ABOUT IT
  • Keep my design schedule busy and up to date – OUCH (pretty failed)
  • Re-design the blog – DONE
  • Get a solid grasp on budgeting – SORTA
  • Make friends – SUPER DONE
  • Get a “big girl” job – SUPER DONE
  • Make doctor’s appointments in a timely fashion – ALMOST
  • Attend a convention this year – GOING IN JULY

I know, I know, a lot of these literally just sound like things that everyone should do. (You know, keeping up with doctor’s appointments and not letting your slightly irrational hatred of making phone calls hold you back your entire life) Recently I’ve tried to do better with personal health. I seriously never drink water and it’s a wonder I haven’t passed out from heat stroke yet, if I’m being honest. Amazingly my skin is still in good condition, but my fingernails are horrible and I literally have arms with the strength of cooked spaghetti, which is why I need to exercise.

I might look suspiciously in shape, but it’s an outright lie. I also need new contacts, and I keep putting off going to the eye doctor.

On the good side of the goals. I did my blog re-design and I have been working on side projects for friends, which I’m excited about! It’s kept my creative juices flowing, although I’ve learned that without a solid deadline I am incapable of finishing anything. I’ve also made some AMAZING friends since moving and I am seriously flabbergasted that I’ve become as social as I am.

Also, let’s touch on some hurdles that I’ve overcome that I didn’t expect to need to do.

  • Stepping on spiders the size of my big toe with minimal screaming
  • Sweeping not one, but two snakes into trash cans and tossing them back outside, where they belong. Places they do not belong include: Under the desk and in the bedroom.
  • Caring for a cat that has become very, very stressed and needs a lot of extra care and attention. (I’ll touch on this later in depth!)

I feel like I’ve passed the general threshold for number of snakes in a house per year. Granted, I like snakes, so I don’t care as much, but I have a cat, and I don’t need her freaking out over intruders. (ie. Snakes) Well, hopefully I get a better handle on the things I haven’t accomplished, and that I keep doing the good things that I’m doing. Also, I can only hope that I don’t find a third snake in the house.

In terms of wedding wednesday goals, I said that every other week I’d share the two things per week that I’d hope to accomplish right. Did I actually do four wedding related things? I DID! HA SO THERE! I’M WORKING AT IT! What did I do?

  • E-mailed a favorite Pittsburgh bakery about a macaron tower, since Alex and I both dislike cake
  • Settled on what I THINK will be a final color scheme
  • Sketched out drafts of save the dates and invites
  • Actually finally asked my maid of honor and one bridesmaid to be a part of my big day (a whole year after getting engaged)


What is next on my agenda?

  • Actually reaching out to engagement photographers….yep that’s right, haven’t even done that yet.
  • Looking into online registries
  • Reaching out to wedding photographers
  • Wedding website? Wedding hashtag?
  • I’m already overwhelmed just thinking about it
  • help me!


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