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pittsburgh skyline

It’s been nearly a year since I moved down to Houston with Alex! Time has literally flown by, and even more so that I have a desk job. Having a steady schedule that doesn’t vary seems to make the weeks fly by even faster for some reason! It was a lot to get used to and it took a while to really feel at home, but making friends and having extended family near by helped a lot.

Although, there are still things that I find myself missing about Pittsburgh. Especially when I got a flyer from the art store down the street from where we used to live in Pittsburgh. They were having a sale! I’m so bummed! I’ll always miss things about Pittsburgh, even if I did want to move out of PA with all my heart and soul. You just can’t help missing where you’re from, you know? So in honor of it being a year since the big move, I’m doing a post today about what I miss the most about Pittsburgh, and then coming up next is a post with everything I’m loving about Houston!

  • Walking to work, walking home, walking everywhere
  • A really good public bus system
  • Lulu’s Noodles, Union Grill, Butterjoint, The Crepe Place, and Eat Unique (All walking distance from my condo)
  • Fall and beautiful leaves and real sweater weather that isn’t just really cold A/C
  • The hills (Sometimes)
  • Northern accents
  • The comic book store above the art store
  • The above mentioned art store that sold Copic markers and offered fabulous prices for turning photos into canvases
  • All the old Starbucks crew
  • Have I mentioned walking everywhere yet?
  • Slightly less pickup trucks
  • Being close to family (both sides) and SARAH!!!!
  • Being able to go outside in July without suffering near immediate heat stroke
  • Very nice public parks
  • Hello Bistro/Eat’n’Park
  • Gaby et Jules (AMAZING macarons and other desserts, and so cute! Ugh! I miss it so much! I always treated myself there!)
  • Giant Eagle Market District (Seriously, I miss this grocery, I refuse to take my advantage card off my key ring)
  • The skyline view from the condo
  • The condo itself, though small, since I totally made it my home
  • Soft grass (aka being able to walk around outside without shoes on cause the grass doesn’t stab you)

condo fall street

I’m sure there are more things that randomly will pop into my days in the next few days. (They always do) You know, like when I’m doing something and it’s complicated/not going right and I just think “In Pittsburgh it would’ve been easier!” Like when I’m trying to locate something, or if I want to go shopping but don’t feel like driving there, etc. Granted, that’s not to say that I don’t love it here! Stayed tuned for a what I love about Houston post!


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