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If you missed the previous post (Things I Miss about Pittsburgh) give that a look see either before or after this one! I thought I’d look back fondly on what I miss about my past home and what I’ve come to love about Houston in this past year living here. It’s looking like I’ll be staying here for the long haul, so that’s exciting! I do really enjoy it down here! So let’s list it all out! (Maybe I can convince some of you to come join me!)

  • Finding a job was easier than I expected
  • 80 degrees on Christmas
  • The most mild winter ever, aka it wasn’t even winter
  • Way more sunny days compared to cloudy days
  • Being able to have a cat in our rental!!
  • Making brand new friends!
  • Being close to Austin and San Antonio and kinda (not really) close to Dallas!
  • The ocean isn’t too far away (Even though we haven’t been there yet)
  • Discovering new places to eat
  • HEB!
  • Rarely feeling cold unless I’m inside a building!!
  • Did I mention that BBQ though?
  • Being able to grill all the time, all year round!
  • Never having to shovel snow/slip on ice/get frostbite for being outside longer than 20 minutes ever again!
  • Easy to navigate! (Everything is nice and grid-like)
  • Tex-Mex
  • People are a lot friendlier
  • Less frantic pace of life (At least that’s how it feels)
  • Alamo Draft House! (Beer and full service dinner at a movie theater!)

art park duck park baby kitten

We haven’t explored as much as we would have liked, but now that I have weekends free, we can take that time to explore more! We’ve tried a lot of new restaurants and bars though, and we keep finding awesome places! (Like Axelrad!) Houston feels like a big city and also a town at the same time. Where we are, west of the city, we are actually close to ranch land, so it feels more like PA, except hot and not snowy in the winter!

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store here! So far it’s been a blast!


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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • What a cute kitty! I’m not found of winter myself (having always lived in the midwest) but I’m not sure I could move down to Texas – I feel like the culture would be too different (and I’m a vegetarian, so BBQ is no longer as big of a pull for me :P).

    • She’s the light of my life! I enjoy it here, although sometimes I think I’d prefer Austin to Houston, since it’s more my scene! Maybe I should open a BBQ vegetarian place (or maybe there already is one?) I kind of have culture shock coming here though, I’ve still got that northern chill and I’m not always the friendliest person when out in public. Oops!

  • Kay

    I know it’s a huge ‘DUH’ but I always forget Texas would have ocean beaches. *facepalm* Of course it does haha! I hope you get to check them out! I most certainly wouldn’t miss shoveling snow, or negative degree weather either.

    • OMG me too! I keep forgetting that it’s not landlocked and that its open to the ocean on the east side lol.

      • Don’t worry you guys, I almost forgot about it too! (And I’m on the east side!) I bet the people on the west side forget that there is an ocean though, Texas is such a huge state!

  • Glad you’re enjoying Texas! It seems like a fun place to live and I bet living in warm weather year round is a BIG plus!!

    • I’m loving the warm weather! I can still utilize all my sweater because my office is FRIGID!

  • I’m super excited because we’re moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in two weeks!