LLSIF Year long Journey


Warning: Extra long IMAGE HEAVY post ahead!


I started playing Love Live School Idol Festival (LL or LLSIF for short) exactly one year ago! If you don’t know anything about it, you can read the game overview that Sarah posted on here a while back! (Reading that will help a lot in understanding what the heck I’m talking about!) But if you need a TL;DR, here it is:

LLSIF is a cell phone rhythm game where you play songs, gain points, level up, and compete against other players in events! The story revolves around a group of nine high schoolers who start a school idol club to save their school from being shut down, you unlock story chapters and new songs through leveling up and other goals! There are two “currencies” in the game you use to “scout” for new members, and if you get two of the same card, you can combine them to idolize them. Idolized cards have better stats, which help you score more points on songs!

Anyways, she’s the one that got me into the game in the first place! I had watched the Love Live anime, but wasn’t aware there was a rhythm based phone game that went along with it. Obviously I immediately fell insanely deep into what is known as ‘Idol Hell’. I joined the EN server (there are four servers: EN (English), JP (Japan), TW (Taiwan), and KR (Korea) and all are behind JP in terms of updates)

My starter girl, and still best girl was Kotori! I joined in the middle of the log-in event for a promo UR, which was lucky for me! And the first event I participated in was for Nozomi, my second best girl. Even being a starter account, and I SUPER low level starter account, I managed to get the event SR, but there was no way in hell I could get her idolized! As I’ve played, literally at least once a day, for the past year, I’ve learned there is A LOT of strategy and such that goes into the events and how to score the max number of points, etc.


I’m Jaszilla there, with a normal (aka not rare at all) girl as my center! I later changed my name to Bookworm, but this was the start!


This was my first ever UR (Ultra Rare card, only a 1% chance of pulling) and I pulled two, so I got to idolize her right away, which if you’ve played any game involving RNG, you know that this was a once in a lifetime draw. Seriously. I didn’t understand the severity of it when it happens, but now I look back and mutter. How did that even happen?? Look below for a more normal draw, with only two SRs. (Super Rares)


IMG_3970  IMG_3915


I’ve been blessed by the luck gods, or as some friends have said “You’re a witch!” but I would like to edit that and say I’m a witch of luck, or maybe I should say I’m a goddess of luck. I do have obscenely good luck most of the time, especially of the beginners sort. Like first time playing luck based games (like dice, poker, etc.) I always end up winning and confused. Anyways, above is another two UR pull, both of which I now have idolized, which is another feat of luck that I don’t comprehend, but I’m thankful for it.


Finally, after long last, I idolized my dream UR card of my best girl and the journey continues onwards! This is the only game I’ve kept up with so intensely. Seriously. It’s almost become a passion at this point!

Some accomplishments from the last year:

  • I’ve played in 24 events (25 if you count the one going on right now) this past year
  • I’ve gone from rank 1 to rank 154
  • I’ve idolized my dream UR card
  • I’ve Full Comboed a daily extra hard expert level song
  • Alex hasn’t left me even though he’s heard every song at least 20 times by now

If you’re interested, (and if you play!) check out my profile on School Idol Tomodachi! There you can find my friend code if you want to friend me in the game! You can also see all my cards and all that other nonsense! Also, a new season of Love Live (anime) is coming out in July with a brand new group of girls, so if you don’t want to join in on the fun because you feel like you’ve missed out on the old girls, you can join in fresh! And, the best part, these new girls are coming to LLSIF as well!! Their first event just recently debuted on the JP server actually!



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