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The Elite & The One by Kiera Cass

Elite and One

I’m combining these two books into one review because they are the second and third books in the Selection series. I reviewed the first book a while back on the blog. I’d seen it on multiple blogs and my friend at work also suggested it to me, so I figured I’d check it off. Quick review of the first book: America (I can’t get over the name) is a lower member of the caste system (A Five), and the royal family (Ones) hold a competition to find a girl to marry their son, and members from even lower castes can be considered. Though America doesn’t want to enter the competition, the idea of steady income for her family drives her to begrudgingly enter. Low and behold she is chosen and whisked away into a world beyond her wildest dreams, although, she’s determined to not fall for this prince. He is way too uppity for her and he doesn’t really understand.

Now, the competition goes on, kind of like a more serious version of the Bachelor with the royal families future riding on it, and America finds herself farther along than she thought possible. She’s also grappling with conflicting emotions, love triangles, and girls trying to subtly sabotage her at every turn. Not to mention, the King might not be the amazing man that he’s cracked up to be. A lot of darkness beings to creep into the palace, things get messy, violent, and a little more real. The girls realize that this isn’t just a walk in the park. Being royalty isn’t just being waited on, eating lavishly, and being envied by all. It also means being a constant target.

I enjoyed the first and second book, but the farther I got into the third book, the more I got concerned about how it was going to end. It seemed like too much had to happen and there weren’t enough pages…at all. In some ways I think it would have benefited from being just a trilogy, but I haven’t read the next book yet (The Heir) so I don’t know how things play out. I shouldn’t count my eggs before reading them, I suppose. (That made no sense)

Anyways, the third book just seemed to throw the ending on you like a slap to the face with an Alaskan Salmon, hard and full of “why?”. It seemed like they rushed everything at the end. I wanted to hear more about them, not just skipping over everything. You know? I feel like, they dragged everything out, just to crush the ending into half a chapter. I WANTED MORE DEVELOPMENT! MORE FEELINGS! Maybe I’ll get that if I read the next book? I don’t know! My friend told me she wasn’t a fan of the fourth book and to just stop after the third, but I’m a bit of a completionist when it comes to book series.

Have you read this series? Did you like the fourth book? I’m certainly waiting for it to come out in paperback before I get it, but I’ll probably continue onwards, despite my reservations after the rushed feeling of book three.


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  • I read the first book, but honestly to me it was so stupid that I couldn’t keep going. I actually thought it was going to be more cutthroat and that there was going to be more backstabbing but there was just that one girl who was mean. I think The Heir is actually about their daughter and her choosing a boy to be prince from what I’ve heard.

    • It took me forever to get over the fact that her name was America, it kept throwing me off! And I totally know what you mean, it was way more civil than I thought and the mean girl ends up being nice in the end. Yeah, I figured the heir was about their child, I might pick it up, to see where it goes, but I didn’t really like how rushed the ending of this one was.