Wedding Wednesdays #2



I nearly forgot about these posts, that I said I’d do, oops! I can’t help it if the wedding isn’t in the forefront of my mind these days, there is so much other stuff going on at work and just in general! Being an adult is time consuming, can I take a break? A vacation maybe? Ah well, it’s enjoyable to have a packed schedule, I never feel guilty for laying around doing nothing! Anyways, so far I’ve been on track with doing my two wedding related things a week! Last time you learned that I picked a color scheme, started contacting bakeries about macaron towers! (Those were the big ones!)

These past two weeks I’ve made more progress!

  • Reached out to wedding photographers (There are seriously so many that it’s overwhelming!)
  • Reached out to engagement photographers and found one
  • Scheduled engagement photo shoot!!!!!!! One big thing off my list!
  • Went forward in setting up the order for the macaron tower with my favorite bakery (Gaby et Jules)

Small steps, small steps. I can still pride myself on the fact that I got the two huge things done really fast: The date and location (which includes food, table cloths, open bar, and other things) So now it’s more nit picky things that I never actually considered before. Sometimes I want to just hire a wedding planner and sit back, letting them do the hard stuff, but then again….no, I’ll struggle along myself!

Big things I still need to do:

  • Look up DJs (Might shove this onto Alex since he cares more about music than I do)
  • Dress Shopping sometime this summer
  • Wedding Website
  • Save the Dates + Invitations


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  • Yay engagement photos! That’s exciting! It’s great your venue has all of that stuff covered so you don’t have to get boring stuff like tablecloths! 🙂

    • It’s so nice! I love that they make some things easy, it takes a load off my mind!

  • Way to go! You’re making big progress!

    • Thank you! 🙂 I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere!

  • Kay

    Sounds like great progress! Two big things off the list is definitely good!