Books for Breakfast #95

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Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson & Death by Black Hole by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Furiously Happy

I absolutely love this book, which is a collection of short essays, blog posts, and all of them are about her fight against depression. I love reading stories about mental health that showcase that it doesn’t have to hold you back and you don’t have to let it destroy you, or keep you living life to the fullest when you are able. I loved Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, which was a memoir from Lawson. I even gave away a copy on the blog way back when. It made me laugh out loud in public a few times, gaining me worried stares.

Once again I made the mistake of reading it outside and laughing (cackling more like) or trying to hold it in and just snorting, while sitting outside at various locations. It really is what it says it is: A funny book about horrible things. A guy at Barnes & Noble told me that he actually had to pull off the road while listening to the audio book because he was laughing too hard to focus on driving. Now that’s really saying something! Lawson has lived such an interesting life and she also has to deal with some horrible mental health issues that might make a lot of people just plain give up.

Anxiety and depression are very real and very hard, but it’s good to look at things in a positive light and we need to hear more stories about people with these problems that aren’t demonized. (You know all tragic like) Also, taxidermy happy raccoons. This is seriously the best cover for a book that I’ve seen. And I wish the publisher would have went with her original cover idea, I would have DIED for that. Read it. Go on. Do yourself a favor!

Death by Blackhole

Alex LOVES astronomy, not astrology, but astronomy. He nearly majored in it during college, but went with physics instead, although they do have a lot of overlap. Anyways. He also LOVES Neil DeGrasse Tyson and listens to his podcast as well. This is one of his favorite books and he wanted me to read it, since I’m interested in space as well and like science, even though I’m not the best at it.

This is a book for someone who is interested in space, but doesn’t really know all the complicated science stuff. It puts things into terms that us business majors can understand, although I did bombard Alex with questions when I wanted more details. I also had a lot of moments when I thought too much about the pure MAGNITUDE of the universe and stared at the ceiling realizing just how puny my existence was in the span of things. Deep things man. Or when I read the section about neutrinos, which are particles that can’t be seen and don’t interact with things except water, sometimes, but are just flying through you, millions per second, at this very moment. Sometimes I still think about that randomly. I’ll just be enjoying my day, walking to get lunch and then I’ll stop, stare at my hand and think “There are millions of particles flying through my body at this very moment.” and then I’ll just stand there trying to digest my life.

This is probably why I didn’t take science in college, I would have suffered an existential crisis somewhere through the major.

The book covers a lot of different topics, the history of astronomy, stars, planets, and including what would happen if you died via blackhole. I think space is just so awesome. There is so much out there that we probably don’t even know yet, and it’s STILL EXPANDING, LIKE WHAT? AND WHAT’S AFTER THAT? NOTHING? Excuse me while I sit here wheezing for a moment. It’s just too much.

If you like science, but don’t have a science background, I suggest picking this one up. You’ll learn a lot and be flabbergasted by the sheer everything of the universe. Also, another fun thing to check out are the videos by: Zurzgesagt! They have one about what would happen if you had a black hole in your pocket! It’s super interesting and the animation is awesome as well!


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