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I’ve celebrated Fourth of July in other countries before: Mainly, Italy and a few times in Canada!


The 4th is one of the most obnoxious obviously American holidays ever. I do like the cookouts and the fireworks, and the obligatory day off of work that I’ll now get for the holiday, but I’ve never been the most patriotic individual. I love America and all, but I’m a wandering spirit at heart. When I found myself in another country during the holiday the most I did was have a toast to the air, or watch the fireworks, which was why I went to Canada a few times.

That’s right. Canada had fireworks and my hometown didn’t. Weird, right? What kind of city in America wouldn’t have fireworks on 4th of July when Niagara Falls Canadian side had a fireworks display? Well whatever!

The farthest away I’ve been from the country on the 4th was Italy. I was in Vienna or Milan, if I remember correctly. I was at a bar with the other people on our bus tour and we toasted, but that was it. Some other members of the tour were a lot more gun hoe about celebrating way more intensely, wearing American flag attire and what not. I don’t know why, but I was never really all about that. So sue me.

Americans already have a terrible reputation as tourists in foreign countries, which is probably why I always tried to avoid being obvious. Did you know that some American tourists actually put Canadian flags on their suitcases because Canadian tourists are looked upon with a better light? Well, it happens. I have a British flag on my key ring and people ask me if I’m from the Britain. I didn’t think my North Eastern accent could easily be mistaken for British…..

Have you ever celebrated 4th of July in another country? Are you extremely patriotic and perhaps I’ve heavily offended you? (If so, my apologies)


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