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The Never Open Desert Diner by James Anderson


Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books, but that in no way impacted my review. 

I remember seeing this on the Advanced Reader stack in the break room at B&N, but I never grabbed it since I had so many other books on my reading list that I needed to get through first! When I saw it on Blogging for Books, I knew that I had to take advantage of it and grab it fast, especially because there was only one copy left when I looked!

Anyways, not only is the cover interesting, but the back of the book hooked my attention as well. The story is about a truck driver who is on his last legs financially, he is the only person who delivers packages to the strange residents of 117, a nearly empty desert road. He is struggling to figure out how to make ends meet when he runs across a half built subdivision in the desert and sees a woman living in the model home, and learns that she is hiding out from her ex-husband.

The book is mysterious, gripping, and best of all has memorable characters. Seriously, I loved every character (almost) that was introduced! Especially all the quirky desert-dwelling locals. Everyones back story is interesting and the characters are complex and very down to earth, well, in a quirky kind of way! I loved reading about life in the desert and also unraveling the mystery of the woman living in the model home, it was entertaining.

The end kind of rushing at you barreling towards you. It all happens in a flash, even though the rest of the story is rather drawn out. It never felt slow though, and the characters kept me intrigued and the ending hurt a little bit. I wish it would have ended a bit differently, but I suppose that ending had to happen, in a way.

Regardless, I enjoyed the book and I’d recommend it if you enjoy a quirky story with romance, mystery, and desert living.


By Jess

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