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Lucky Penny by Anath Hirsh and Yuko Ota & City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare


This was a comic that I backed on Kickstarter. Comics being the majority of things I back on Kickstarter actually. I loved the art style and immediately checked out some other comics by the artist and put them on my reading list! (They’ve worked on some Adventure Time issues!! Awesome!) It’s a super fun story with a fun ending and I found myself chuckling a lot throughout the story!

Our beautiful lead, Penny, is more like an unlucky Penny. She finds herself out of job and out of apartment, somehow living out of a storage unit, which she’s managed to craft into someplace that looks pretty cozy! A stray cat has befriended her, although she does get harassed by some young hooligans from time to time. Through a connection from a friend she winds up with a part time job, but her boss is a…..young child? She goes along with it though, working at the laundry mat where she can also do her own laundry (which she clearly can’t do in her storage unit!)

It’s a story of her life as she struggles to find her place and get herself back on her feet (and out of the storage unit)! If you’ve never read it before, I suggest picking it up! It’s light hearted, funny, and adorable. I enjoyed it all the way through and I’m super happy that I backed it on Kickstarter! (Since I have the super awesome exclusive Kickstarter backer cover! Heh!)


It took me AGES to get around to finally reading the last book in the Mortal Instruments series. So long in fact that now there is a NEW series in the same universe, involving new characters, that just came out not too long ago. Well, I figured that I should read this giant hard back, so that I can move onto the new series. (Obviously!) I’ve come to enjoy YA a lot more than I previously did, when I was pretentious and thought it too low-level for my massive intellect. Just kidding, I’m actually not that smart at all, I just read a lot. Although, I did look down on YA as being a little childish. Although, now it’s a perfect break when I want to read something that I can easily talk with others about. Another plus is that normally it doesn’t destroy my emotions and make me question the idea of marriage (like I swear every book I read is about cheating husbands, WHY?! WHERE IS MY HAPPY MARRIAGE BOOK?) Sometimes I want to pretend that you find your soulmate out of the blue while saving the world from utter destruction, you know?

Anyways, this is the last book in the Mortal Instrument series, where love is cemented, evil is destroyed, and while not everyone gets a picture perfect ending, most characters finish with smiles on their faces. A happy ending every now and again is always a good thing. Clary handles tough situations well, even though the evil forces are very close to her. (Spoiler alert if you haven’t read the first fix books, continue onward if you have (high light to read:

I still find it horribly creepy with Sebastian, Clary’s brother, and how in love with her he is and how he wants to make her his bride and all that. Still freaked me out while reading it, not going to lie. Weirdest love triangle ever, even though Clary obviously loathes Sebastian at this point. 

I feel like the book had a solid ending, although I had to read summaries of the previous books before starting it, since I had forgotten some plot points. Oops! I think the Shadowhunter world is getting a bit overdone, but I’m still willing to give the new series a shot. I picked up the first book, so I’ll see how that goes. The characters are related to those from the previous series, so I’m sure reassuring characters will pop up, they always do, but will now be in the background.

Are you a fan of the Shadowhunter world?


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  • Kay

    I have yet to read City of Heavenly Fire too! And now, it’s been so long, I want to re-read the first six, but at the same time, don’t want to take on such a giant series right now. I’m weird with YA; some I like for that fluff-popcorn-easy-read type book, and some I just loathe. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason; I either like it or I don’t! I think I want to give the other Shadowhunter series a try too;I’ve heard a lot of good about it from people who liked The Mortal Instruments and think the other series is better.