Books for Breakfast #99

Book Reviews

The Story of Fester Cat by Paul Magrs & Finders Keepers by Stephen King


Did I cry? You bet I did. I cried within the first 20 pages. I actually had to stop reading cause I was in public, and I don’t want to just burst into tears at a local Starbucks on my lunch break where the baristas know my drink. I should have known before I even started reading that I was going to cry. I cry during ALL cat books that I read, it’s a known fact. I cry at videos about cats. I cry about all things cats. Tell me a sad story about your cat, I’ll probably cry on you. I experience a wide range of emotions over cats, aside from my average: Happy, disgruntled, and nervous. (That’s a lie, I do have more emotions I swear) But seriously, nothing gets me as worked up as cats.

This book is about a stray named Fester who adopts a couple, Paul and Jeremy. Fester says ‘Ungow!’ a lot and the book is written as if it’s from his point of view. He is a black and white cat, who brightened their home and became a solid member of the family, helping them find themselves and, like cats tend to do, saved them. You know that whole saying, I didn’t rescue [insert pet] he/she rescued me! The other stray cats in the story were lovable and funny as well. I love reading about cats all their different mannerisms. Cats are just so different, it’s like no two cats are ever the same. I love it!

The story is uplifting and, well, you know, I cried a whole lot in the beginning (which is the end) and then when the end actually happened I was a sobbing mess through it as well. I just can’t. Cats.


This is the second book in the Bill Hodge’s trilogy. The first book: Mr. Mercedes, is about a killer who drives a mercedes into a crowd waiting to get into a job fair, killing and injuring a lot of people before driving off and leaving police helpless to locate him. Though, he gets restless and begins to taunt a retired cop through letters, telling him that he’s planning an even worse attack.

The second book’s main story line of the second book involves a boy whose father was injured, heavily, in the attack at the job convention by the Mercedes Killer. His family has fallen on very hard times and it’s at this time that he finds a trunk half buried in the woods behind his housing complex. Inside he finds more money than he could ever hope along with bunches of moleskin notebooks, full of stories and unpublished manuscripts. Who buried this trunk? Will they ever come back for it? You bet they will.

It gives a look into how a fan can become a little too extreme, what we are willing to do to save our families, and how literature can help mold a person into who they are. A very solid second book for a series, with the old lovable characters from the first book and interesting ties between all the characters as well. Another thriller with scenes that have you glued to the edge of your seat while you read. I’ve really enjoyed this series so far and can’t wait to get my hands on the last book. (I had a coupon for B&N so I ordered it a while back and it’s waiting on my shelf for me!)


By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!