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Sarah came down to visit last week and seeing as I haven’t been to any conventions in over a year (The last one was Tekko in Pittsburgh) we decided to locate and attend a local anime convention! Enter: Anime Austin! A debut year convention, aka this was the first year of the convention, which is something I’ve never experienced before. Normally I’ve attended established conventions, aside the small one in Erie, where I attended during it’s second year. Anyways, Anime Austin took place in Austin, obviously, in a Hilton hotel.

Hotel conventions aren’t really my favorite, mainly because space is normally tight and sometimes you have to share the space with other conventions/events and it makes for a lot of drama. Although, I’m willing to put up with it (Katuscon I’m looking at you!) especially if the scenery is good for photos. Now, obviously since this was such a small convention, it wasn’t the best location-wise for photos, but it was super fun being that it was the convention’s debut year. It was also Alex’s first time traveling and staying in a hotel for a convention! (He probably enjoyed it the most out of us all)

There were some nice panels, the dealer’s room was small but I still got a nice haul of figures (and Alex got some too! He’s moving up in the world and becoming anime trash like I am!) and Artist’s Alley had some AWESOME goods! There was a nice wig table that saved my butt and another booth that made towels and blankets, which were SO CUTE! We all got blankets and I’m so pumped about using them, they were so soft and Ghibli themed!

cosplay test

I didn’t take that many pictures, I did cosplay, and for the first time in YEARS (I mean YEARS) I participated in a panel, even if it was just for a game of musical chairs. But I got to play with this adorable Hisoka cosplayer and it was down to me and her in the finals, but she won. (Which I guess is to be expected, after all she was cosplaying Hisoka and all) Overall the weekend was a major success! Sarah, Alex, and I even got control of a gym on a location called “House of Torment” near the hotel and held it for almost two whole days! It was wild!

Kemal flag

We also finally got over to Galveston and took Sarah to the Kemah Boardwalk! It was SO HOT AND THE HUMIDITY WAS OPPRESSIVE…but anything to catch water Pokemon I guess, you know? I’ll have to write up a post about my extremely fast descent into Pokemon Go Hell. (along with Hunter x Hunter Hell, but that would be more suited to an anime blog, which I am not) The water might not be pretty, but the boardwalk has fun rides, and it’s nice to stroll along, as long as you find some shade. Alex’s phone over heated in about 2 minutes, although I didn’t have any issues at all. (I have an iPhone 6 and he has a Sony something-or-another)

I can only hope I’ve convinced her that Houston is way better than Erie! Literally, I’m trying to get everyone to move down here. It’s great, move down here! (Especially teachers, jobs a plenty! Building new schools left and right! Seriously though, there is a new school being built up the street from me, and there are plans to build another one nearby too!)

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