A Potatoes Birthday! + Wedding Wednesday


Today is my darling Potato’s birthday! You may remember Alex from his music posts on the blog a ways back, or his science posts, or perhaps his gaming posts. If not, you’ve probably seen his face around since I love it so much that I’m constantly taking candid photos of him everywhere we go. Anyways, like I said, today is his birthday! Since it’s happening in the middle of a hectic time (a move to a different house, still in Texas though!) we aren’t really able to fully celebrate, since we have to move all our boxed up belongings and dissembled IKEA furniture.

alexcloseup alexkemah He puts up with a lot of nonsense from me, like my constant Love Live playing, manga reading and subsequent squeals, being ignored while I’m too deep in a book to comprehend anything else, and my general lack of hearing that makes me constantly reply to most things with “What?” Yet he still sticks by me and I’m so very grateful for his presence in my life. He is #1 Potato!


And now let’s move on to….


On that note, I skipped the previous Wedding Wednesday, and today is also Wednesday so I’m due for another one. Although, I must admit, currently I’ve done diddly squat on that front! I’ve been too focused on moving to actually have time to sit down and plan. The most I’ve done has been mentally making lists and well, I guess I did schedule a dress appointment to try on wedding dresses, which for some reason makes me insanely nervous. So to save a little face here’s what I’ve done:

  • Complied a list of dresses I like online
  • Scheduled an appointment at a bridal salon
  • Puzzled over flowers, at least I know my color scheme so there is that!


By Jess

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  • Kay

    I hope the move goes smoothly! Though I imagine probably a lot smoother than the last since it’s not halfway across the country! 😀

  • Oh man, I just did my first dress appointment!! It was SO WEIRD BUT SO MUCH FUN. I’m very behind on my blog-reading, so if you haven’t already done this, have a great time!

    • I go on Sunday! I’m a smidge nervous only because my mom, alex’s mom, and alex’s aunt are all coming and they all have VERY DIFFERENT OPINIONS. My father will end up probably being the voice of reason among the family members.