The Dreaded “Non-Planned Break”

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I saw sitting at my work desk on a particularly slow day in the office, touching up my Books for Breakfast #100 post, sketching some ideas for graphics in my small notebook off to the side. “I’ll do the little charts when I get home” I thought. “Then I’ll schedule the post and work on more tomorrow.” As an after-thought. Then I went back to work, then I went home, then I ate dinner, and then after my pre-bed rituals I fell asleep.

I never did schedule that post. Or make the graphics for it. Oops.

That was the start of the dreaded “non-planned break.” After that, I slipped out of the groove and was swept up into the stressful rush of moving. We only had four days to pack the rest of the house up and move everything after closing. It was hectic. It took us three days, and I worked all day so props to Alex and our friends for helping us make the move as smooth as possible. Then we settled in, somewhat. We still don’t have the spare rooms finished. And there are still boxes in the bedroom. We have garbage bags of clothes to donate sitting in the hallway, and work started for Alex so we both are tired when we get home. Cue nothing getting done. More oops.

This is the continuation of the dreaded “non-planned break”, although it mainly sounds like me just telling a sob story about how busy I’ve been to make myself feel better about my blog neglect. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I logged into Bloglovin’ and saw that it had been 27 DAYS SINCE MY LAST POST WHAT?! Nearly a MONTH has gone by in radio, or should I say blog, silence? Didn’t I make all those lofty statements after my previous multiple-month unplanned break that I would be better? I mean really, who can trust me now when I say I’ll try harder? Although, I mean, I am only human, and humans are full of flaws. It would be a little weird if I was perfectly flawless every day. People would probably start to assume I was a robot. (Ps. I’m not.)

Anyways. I wanted to post and say. My apologies about this long break that I didn’t intend to happen. I don’t really have a valid excuse, since regardless of how much I whine, I did have time. I just spent that time napping on the couch instead of actually doing valuable things. Now that my guilt at being a terrible content creator has reached a high point, I can slink back into the blog world with my tail between my legs and fall back into my daily rhythm. Here, take some photos as consolation.

house frame new house

Cheers! (I’m back this time, I promise!)

By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • Kay

    Your new house looks so cool! Love the design. And honestly (even though I do the exact same thing when I take a break) I do not at all think you need to apologize or feel guilty about taking breaks, even unplanned ones, whenever you damn well please. 😀 It’s your space, to use how you wish, and if giving it a break sounds good, then I say go for it! I hope settling into your new house goes well for you and it’s a smooth transition! How did Yuki handle it?

    • She wasn’t doing too well at the old house because of all the stay dogs/cats wandering around and marking the house, so she’s been doing really well! She only peed on our old bathmat since it smelled like the old house, but we got a new one and she’s left it alone. I’m really happy that she’s been doing so well! 😀 And thank you! I always feel bad when I don’t follow my schedule well, or finish all the items on my to-do list.

      • Kay

        I’m glad she’s adjusted well! I know you said she’s kind of an anxious kitty, so it’s good to hear the move didn’t totally stress her out.

        • At first she was running all around and jumping at the corners of the walls and clinging to them koala style until gravity won, but now that she’s sniffed everything out, it’s all good. I was really worried that she wouldn’t adjust well too, so I’m glad it all worked out! 😀

  • Breaks are sometimes necessary! Your house looks so pretty, I’m so jealous!