Wedding Wednesday #4



Obviously it’s been a while since last wedding Wednesday, yet, unsurprisingly, I don’t think much has actually happened since those last posts. (oops?)

I did do the following though:

  • Went to TWO dress appointments (still didn’t find a dress though)
  • Sketched out save the dates more intensely
  • Pestered all involved parties about getting together respective guest lists
  • Fretted over the fact that weddings are so much work and maybe I should just hire a wedding planner so I can sleep easier at night. Wheeze

I at least think I know what I want the vibe of the wedding/reception to be: Kinda rustic forest themed (deep rich fall colors, trees, wood accents, the works)

I know we don’t want a cake, we want a macaron tower.

I know the wedding colors that I want.

I know the dress shape/color that I want, but I don’t know quite what dress I actually want though. I’ve been suggested a white tux, and the idea is tempting…but Alex doesn’t like that. (Boo!) Maybe I’ll talk more about the dress mess later in a more in-depth post, it’d be good to get all those thoughts out!

I know the venue, which is obviously, probably the most important part.

So I feel like I’m doing pretty well with the whole planning thing. Weddings are a lot of work, and even more work when the wedding you are planning is 1,400 miles away. It’s less than a year away now, so I have to get it into overdrive!


By Jess

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  • Aww, I remember how stressful wedding planning was. We also had a destination wedding, so that does make it a bit harder/more stressful to plan. It’s so much work for a day that goes by way too fast. Hope you end up finding the dress (or tux) of your dreams!

    • It feels like ours is a destination wedding (Wedding in PA, near both of our families but we live in TX now) so planning from afar is so much more stressful! I’ll be glad when things pull together more coherently! And thank you, I hope I find it too! 🙂

  • Kay

    Looks like you’re making progress! Best of luck with the rest!