Books for Breakfast #104

Book Reviews

Scorch by Ashley Witter & Nobody is Ever Missing by Catherine Lacey

Scorch Kickstart

Another Kickstarted comic, I told you I am an avid Kickstarter, I wasn’t lying. This is a very Halloween themed comic, and is perfect reading for the upcoming season.

The story is a bit confusing, and it took me a bit to puzzle out what was going on, but I loved the art. It has the kind of Invader Zim-esque style that middle school me LOVED. Scorch is a young girl who made a deal with a powerful demon for immortality, but she now owes him 10,000 souls, plus interest. Not only does she need to pass 10th grade, she needs to collect souls, and make sure the world doesn’t end.

The book starts with Scorch talking with the demon she owes the debt to, then she prepares to go out trick or treating with her friends, which somehow turns into her killing a bunch of zombies with some awesome fight scene? Then she gets all demonic while fighting the zombies, then she’s in school the next day, and then she has a lab in her basement and there is a pumpkin and, I don’t know. It’s fun though. Maybe not totally coherent, but then again, this is only the first book.

This is only the first book in the series. Scorch actually started online in 2007 as a web series on Smack Jeeves. (Anyone remember that website? I do.) The story kind of pulled me back to middle school (fitting), this is the kind of thing I would have loved to read back then! For all I know, maybe I did.

Nobody Missing

This book was kind of a train wreck? But I loved the cover SO MUCH, so I had to give it a shot. I’ll give you a quick synopsis first to start things off:

Elyria has a nice life. Stable job, family, loving husband. Although, she doesn’t find it fulfilling and on a complete and utter whim, gets a one way ticket to New Zealand without telling anyone and leaves the country. She then spends her time wandering around New Zealand, hitchhiking and living with a recluse she once met who extended an offer to let her stay with him if she ever visited (although he probably meant it in a “I’m making this offer to appear cordial, please never take me up on it” kind of way) Aside from that, she ends up camping out and talking to a lot of strangers and getting swept up in their lives.

Now, like what I said earlier, it’s kind of like a train wreck, and not only because Elyria’s life is completely going off the rails. Although that statement is true. It’s also because the book is written in such a train of thought manner that it was just like a person’s mind was cracked open and you have to shift through everything. Things switch before I could get a solid grasp on what the heck she was thinking in the first place. Nothing flows together, it’s just all over the place. This girl has just lost all of her marbles and they are rolling under fridges and out the front door and she is never going to get them all. She keeps thinking that she needs to “find herself” and be away from people, yet she always has to be by a person, and can’t handle being alone. Man. It’s literally a train wreck. It was a fast read, but not in the “wow this is awesome I can’t stop reading” but in the “What in the ever loving universe is going on with this woman? I don’t understand” kind of way. I just read it quickly because it didn’t seem to have much substance and was, like I mentioned earlier, just a train of thought jumble.


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