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Damned by Chuck Palahniuk & Cucumber Quest, Vol. 1 by Gigi D.G.


As I slowly read through all of Palahniuk’s books, with more on my to-read list yet, I finally get to Damned, which actually has a sequel that I’ll have to get my hands on now. So this hilarious little number is about Madison, a 13 year old girl that finds herself in hell. She’s from an ultra rich family and has been borderline neglected by her near-celebrity level parents. She isn’t very moved by Hell, and is rather blasé about the whole thing, giving us tips about the experience and to ensure you are buried with candy (the good stuff) in your pockets and with sturdy shoes that will hold up well. You know, the important tips. Scattered throughout the book are also ways to avoid getting sent to Hell, but honestly, they are so strict, we are all probably going to end up there anyways.

So, Madison meets some unlikely friends, all very different (A jock, a pretty girl, a geek, and herself, a 13 year old) and they head out across the disgusting landscape trying to avoid demons along the way, so that Madison can meet the Devil himself. She’d like to have a word with him, after all, she did end up in Hell and all. Although, before that, she’ll have to earn her keep….in a call center.

The book is very hilarious, full of satire about the state of society and how we put so much stock into certain things that we think will “save us” when all along, the reasons people get sent to Hell are rather small. (aka not washing your hands after the bathroom, or farting in public) With the ending of this book, I’m really curious to see how the second book goes, which is called Doomed. Madison did grate on my nerves quite a bit, it was hard to find her likable. There are certain lines she repeats over and over that just got to be too much to deal with. Honestly, it’s hard to find any of the characters likable in the book, yet I enjoyed the book overall.

Cucumber QuestThis comic is actually not one that I kickstarted. It is based off of a webcomic though, and is super cute! (I actually missed the Kickstarter for this one, so I had to wait and order it off the website later on.)

It’s the age old adventure story, but with some fun little twists and some super adorable characters! An evil force is trying to resurrect an ancient evil, and only a legendary hero can save the world. Although, that legendary hero would much prefer to go to school and study, he isn’t strong, and doesn’t really want to save the world anyways. I mean, his sister is clearly more suited to the task. But no, it has to be a man. Cucumber doesn’t really want to save the world, but since his father is forcing him, he sets off with his much more heroic younger sister, Almond. Together they start an adventure to stop this ancient evil, and meet some friends along the way.

The characters are adorable! I love seeing the strong sassy younger sister and the brain smart older brother duo work together. But really, all the characters are adorable. It really makes fun of the troupes in adventure sagas, with the oracle being super vague and unhelpful, the evil knights being like the three stooges. It’s such an enjoyable read and I’m going to be picking up the next book soon from the website, because it’s just too fun to put down for long!

You can start reading here if you’re interested in the webcomic!


By Jess

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  • Damned sounds hilarious!! I’ve never read a book by Palahniuk, but this might have to be my first one. Seems like a great read for October!

    • It would be a great read for October, I’ve read a lot of Palahniuk’s books! They aren’t for everyone, he has a very distinct style with rather unlikable lead characters. I’m currently reading Lullaby by him, which is super interesting (a poem from a book causing children to die when read to them) and I’m enjoying it so far!!

  • I really liked Damned, but I didn’t like Doomed at all 🙁 Hopefully you enjoy it more than I did!

    • I haven’t picked it up yet, but I’m curious about where it’ll go. If I wouldn’t have known that there was a sequel previously, I don’t think I would have expected one.

  • Kay

    Cucumber Quest looks so cute! Damned sounds pretty funny, I may have to check it out!

    • It’s so adorable, I give the webcomic a read, it’s worth it!