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Since I did the currently reading list, I thought I’d do a “currently” about me, and what I’ve been up to. A lot has changed in my life (in all ways) since I started this blog way back when. I mean, this was the first picture of myself I posted on the blog:


HA OH MAN I’M GETTING EMBARRASSED. Obviously a lot has changed. l started this blog when I was still in college, back under a different name (Bookworms in Dresses) with a completely different theme/goal in mind. I was also in a completely different mental state back then. I was struggling to be independent, dealing with a rollercoaster ride of an eating disorder that flared up constantly (500-800 calories a day can’t sustain a person) , single/avoiding dating, working at Starbucks, wondering what I was going to do once I graduated, and you know, being a normal 21-year-old anxious student.

Now I’m 25, engaged, gainfully employed in my field of study, in a house in Texas, paying my own bills, have a tattoo, and have stable health insurance (even though I continue to avoid going to the dentist, which is a story for another time) Let me promise you that the Me that started this blog probably never foresaw becoming the Me of today. I have a fuzzy after-image of that old edition of myself, sitting at the Starbucks on campus, sitting at the window bench, looking out at the Chipotle across the street and watching the students pass by. If I would have sat down in the seat next to old me, and said “In four years you’re going to end up engaged to a co-worker and follow him to Texas. Also don’t date that drummer, he is an ass hat.” I probably would have 1. Screamed 2. Proceeded to run out of the store and 3. Not believed it and taken refuge in Kiva Han (While it was still in business) hoping the strange me-from-the-future wouldn’t find me again. Although future me would be all about drinking an Italian soda from Kiva Han, so I’d probably run into myself again. Past me should have seen it coming.

I’m even different from the me from last year honestly.


(This me is older than last year, I mean look at those bangs that I still wish I had!)

It’s interesting to look back at how much has changed since I’ve started this blog. I think I’ve really come into myself, I know who I am a lot more than I used to, and I feel a lot more content in my own skin.

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