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A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas & Spinster by Kate Bolick

Court of Mist

After a Court of Thorns and Roses, I was SO PUMPED for the second book in this series. I mean, frothing at the mouth ready for this book to come out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I wanted it so badly! When it finally came out, a put it off a little, only because, I knew that I’d be dying for the third book and that the wait would most certainly kill me. (Although I’m doing pretty good, I’m still alive even though I’ve finished the book) Boy oh boy, did this book deliver, DID IT DELIVER, BOY OH BOY!! A re-telling of Hades and Persephone, smut that brought me to me knees, (actually made me wheeze loud enough that Alex had to ask what in God’s name I was reading) and character development/plot twists enough to drive me to my knees a second time and exclaim that Maas is my lord and savior. I’m getting a bit overly-dramatic here, I should tone it down.

Anyways. A Court of Mist and Fury was everything I wanted the second book to be. It took some getting used to, in the way of (Spoiler: Highlight to read) Having to switch on which man I was rooting for, Maas did such a great job convincing you that no matter what Tamlin and Feyre would be the Beauty and the Beast, happily ever after couple with Rhysand being the love-triangle thorn in everyone’s side. But when Tamlin’s personality gets so smothering you are left feeling disdain for him, and aggressively wishing Rhysand to be the winner and when Tamlin becomes the thorn in everyone’s side, wowee, boy oh boy, let me take a breather here….I was impressed by the execution of developments/twists that Maas smacked us in the faces with. (End Spoiler) Honestly one of the best things about the second book (which I might like more than the first book!) is the fact that you get to see so much more of the world, you get to learn more about the government structure, as well as more backstory/lore about the Faerie Realm. You also get to learn more about the characters, their lives, and some insight into the relationship between Feyre and both High Fae Lord’s that she finds herself between. Rhysand might be my favorite character, his personality is so multilayered and God, he is best man. I have always had a thing for the villainous, dark, tortured soul boys though, so maybe that’s just me. Even at the end of the first book I was all about him, Tamlin was cool and all, but just not my type. Also, Feyre has a lot of development in the second book, she has a lot of learning to do and has to become more comfortable with herself and the new world that she has landed herself in.

The action ratchets up a lot this book as well, there is just so much happening in this book! SO MUCH! Seeing a new Court was interesting, and meeting new high fae was also cool. The politics in this world are so complex, as they are in all worlds I suppose. It’s hard to talk about all the little details since I obviously don’t want to give anything away, but I mean, if you haven’t read it yet…I don’t understand?! Read it! If you haven’t touched the series at all yet, go now and grab the first book and the second book, take a vacation day from work and sit down in your favorite chair, grab a nice bottle of red wine and get to it!! I blew through it so quickly and was hungering for more once I hit the end. The next book can’t come out soon enough! I’ve heard May 2017 is the potential release date for book 3 and UGH THAT’S SO FAR AWAY! I feel like a middle school aged fangirl anxiously waiting for the release! (insert applicable gif here)


My goal back in the start of college was to be a spinster. I know it’s a word that is commonly used in a negative light, but I didn’t find it negative at all. In fact, I recently learned some people don’t know what spinster stands for, well, I can use another synonym: Old Maid. Basically, a spinster is an unmarried woman, different from a widow. That’s what I wanted to be. I always saw myself in the future alone, I never imagined myself getting married, I didn’t have a wedding pinterest folder until I actually ended up engaged (baffling I know), and I’m still a bit shocked, confused, and constantly learning how to be a bride-to-be. Spoiler: I’m pretty terrible at it, but Alex won’t let me hire a wedding planner.

This book tells the lives of some famous spinsters, although, some ended up married and with children. Most were all in the literature field, authors, and poets. The span all ages and show that spinsters existed even back in the 1800’s, even though they were frowned upon, although, they are frowned upon even now it seems. When I told people I wasn’t interested in marriage or children I always got the reply of: “One day you’ll change your mind.” Which, I must admit, is a very aggravating thing to hear. I’m sure those people, if I still knew them now, would say to me: “See I told you so.” But I digress, I still think there is nothing wrong with being a spinster and I still think that it is a life path that I wouldn’t mind, if Alex wasn’t in my life. I wouldn’t go looking for marriage if I hadn’t stumbled upon it. If the unthinkable happened, I wouldn’t find someone to fill the void, I’d probably just go at it alone. Of course, that isn’t for everyone.

It was interesting to read about the lives of these spinsters of old, the challenges they faced, how some of them ultimately married, and how some of them even regretted their marriages later in life. It wasn’t my favorite book, and some of the women bugged me. (One of them had her cats put down just because she didn’t want to release them into the wild. EXCUSE ME?! I HATED HER THE MOMENT I READ THAT LINE, THAT WOMAN IS NOW DEAD TO ME. I don’t think I could personally consider any of the women she talked about mentors, although it did get me thinking about who I do look up to.

Overall, it a slow read, but still interesting. Not my favorite, but it wasn’t a struggle to finish. A solid middle-range book that didn’t stand out to me on either side of the spectrum of books.


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