How to Create a Reading Nook


One of the reasons we settled on this specific floor plan was because there was a study. For years I’ve wanted a room where I could have all my bookshelves and a cozy reading nook where I could curl up and read my books, and Alex wanted a place where he could have his desk and game. The study is both, and with doors to keep the cat out so she doesn’t jump all over his desk while he is working, or manage to jump all the way to the top of the bookshelves and knock all my plants down. (Which we learned she can most certainly manage to do.)

Without further ado, here is my half-completed nook:


dsc_0318 dsc_0319 dsc_0320

The room isn’t quite finished yet, but for now, it’s a nice little reading nook. I also think that a house should have multiple reading nooks! I also want to make a little nook in the big dining room window seat along with another little nook in the spare room (which will eventually double as my workspace/craft room as well. I also love to read in the tub! So what do I think makes the perfect reading nook?

  1. Bright Space vs. Dark space – I think this depends on the season/type of book you’re reading. If it’s fall/winter, I like to read all curled up in a dark space with a light a solitary light. In the summer, I love reading outside, or sitting in a window seat soaking up the sun! You can paint the walls bright or muted shades, set up your nook by a large window, or tuck it into a corner far away from the window. I’m imagining a cozy corner with sconce on the wall above a comfy chair, draped with a super fuzzy blanket!
  2. Comfy sitting space – As we slowly work at completely the two other bedrooms in our house, we’ve been looking for a solution to the guest bedroom problem. We don’t have family close by that visits for extended periods, so instead of a full bedroom set, we’ve been looking into futons/sleepers/daybeds. These things also double as fantastic reading nooks. In the study I have a Lovesac that I dragged all the way from Pittsburgh. It probably needs a new cover at this point, but it’s perfect for curling up in and reading!
  3. Easy access to your books – It’s always nice to have the whole shebang in one place, reading nook tucked up against all the bookshelves! Although, you can always just add a little side table to place your books on, or a smaller shelf, perhaps just to keep your to-read pile separate from your already-read collection. No physical books? No problem! Have your reading nook close to an outlet instead, so you can leave your e-reader charging while your not using it, and it’ll always be waiting for you in your spot!
  4. Day and Night – If your nook is near a window, or even in a window seat, then reading during the day in a breeze, but come night time, you better have a book-light or a wall light to turn on! You don’t want to strain your eyes! Take it from me, I have terrible vision that worsens by the year. I love the idea of a little space with a mounted wall light that you could easily reach up and turn on when it starts to get dark out!
  5. In the Tub – So I LOVE taking baths. Now that I finally have the tub of my dreams, I can’t wait to get a little wooden slab to put on the tub so that I can read/drink wine easily while I’m relaxing in the bathtub! I already have some nice pieces favorited on Etsy, so I can ask for them for Christmas!


(Yellow Chair is from Ikea, everything else is from Pottery Barn…mainly because I have Pottery Barn coupons right now and I keep searching through their website)

What do you consider to be the perfect reading nook? I keep a Pinterest board for reading nook ideas, I want to make some of them a reality soon, if I can!


By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!