Wedding Convention (WW#6)


I had a post on Monday that was going to be about coffee table books, but then I got home from a weekend of camping, hiking mountains, and having no wifi/cell service, and just didn’t have it in me to complete that post, so instead, here we are on Wednesday with a post about a Wedding Convention I attended back in October with my mom!


Now, I admit, I probably should have attended a convention in PA instead of TX, considering I’m getting married in PA and not here, but you take what you can get. I’m not flying all the way to PA to go to a wedding convention, that’s too expensive and who has that many vacation days anyways? Not me, I spent mine hiking and seeing Sarah for a week back in the summer. (Both of which were way more fun than wedding conventions, by the way.) So anyways, my parents flew in for the week and I took my mom downtown with me to the center so we could browse booths and see the goods, and hopefully get some ideas about things.

The convention had a LOT of photographer booths, which I didn’t need considering that was one of the things I already had and I can’t fly a Texas photographer to middle of no where PA, that’s a bit beyond my budget. We looked at the wedding dress booths, which is always helpful and I made an appointment at two different shops that for that week while my parents would both be in town. I grabbed some travel agent business cards, entered into a lot of raffles, got a lot of goody bags, and found a cool local boudoir photographer! I also got some ideas about table settings and will probably get inordinate amounts of spam mail now as well. Oh, and I got a free year subscription to a bridal magazine, just for attending! (Which is pretty great, I must say!)


I’m still a long way from having things properly planned, but a vision is slowly coming together. There is a lot of work to be done, and I’m constantly pestered about it as well. Eventually I’ll get there. At least I have some of the most important things: A venue, catering, an open bar, a groom, an almost complete guest list, and a photographer. That’s all you really need right?


Hopefully more will come together soon! And, if you’re a confused bride, checking out a wedding convention can be helpful….or more stressful when you see everything that is offered. There was even realtors there and an energy company trying to get me to switch providers!! Granted, my mom was super interested in the realtors for rental reasons, so that ended up being a good thing! I think she actually got in contact with one of the ladies we talked to at the convention, so good things came of the little trip! Not to mention I got a fun little pin and then we went to a Steelers bar (yes they exist even in Texas) to watch the game!


By Jess

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  • Kay

    I love that you’ve included a groom in your lists of important wedding things you’ve gotten done ahahaha! Sounds like the planning is coming right along, yay!

  • Sounds like a good time! Conventions like that terrify me for some reason…