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Been wondering if I should change the titles of this series and stop counting it, once I passed 100, it started to feel a little silly. What do you think? Maybe I should call it “Books for Breakfast – Title of book(s)” instead?

Ms. Marvel Vol. 3 by G. Willow Wilson & Lullaby by Check Palahniuk

ms.marvel vol3I haven’t read a bound volume in a while, and I had nearly completely forgotten that I had the 3rd volume of Ms. Marvel lying around waiting to be read! I’m enjoying the progression of the story and the characters as well! Like I say every time I read a superhero comic, I’ve never really been a huge superhero fan, so I’m sure I miss some of the little shoutouts in this series. Kamala is a huge fan of superheros and rather famous ones show up in this comic all the time! This time around Loki shows up! I do know who Loki is, but I don’t know much about him in the comic-world. Also, S.H.I.E.L.D makes an appearance in this volume! (I know who they are too, kinda!)

The story continues along, new villains are popping up, and more things are coming to light about how Kamala got her powers! Perhaps there is more to it than just coincidence? Also, a hottie appears in this volume! (Cue eyebrow wiggle) I forgot how much I enjoy reading this comic, I’ll have to go out and grab volume 4 soon!

lullabyAll right, all right! So, as a lot of people may know, I’m a pretty big Palahniuk fan. I love his crass, morbid, and sometimes disgusting writing style. Lullaby had fallen to the wayside on my radar until I ran across a kickstarter about the book and….well….turning the book into a movie! I realized that I didn’t recall hearing much about the book, so I clicked on the kickstarter and read about it. I was into it immediately!! I backed the project (obviously) and then got the book itself!!

The story follows a run-of-the-mill newspaper reporter, Carl, who works a shitty job, with shitty co-workers, and a shitty boss. His life is as drab as it gets and he is also pretty weird, with a crazy eye for details and a strange habit of building ornate mini models of houses and then stomping them to pieces. Strange? You know it. During an assignment where he has to investigate multiple cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, he notices that a common book is in every nursery and when he opens it up to the most worn page, he reads a lullaby and before he knows it, ends up a serial killer by accident.

Our other cast of characters are just as charming, including a realtor, Helen, that sells haunted houses to people, then convinces them to let her re-sell them once they move out weeks later. A girl with dreadlocks who claims to be a witch and a eco-terrorist who makes everyone feel like crap because of the way they live. Together they set off to find a specific book, a book with a poem, a lullaby that when read aloud to a person, kills them. Finding and destroying all known copies of the book is the only way to ensure that the world doesn’t end via this powerful culling song.

Throughout the book, Carl imagines a world very much like Fahrenheit 451 mixed with 1984, mixed with any dystopian future really, with all written word banned, and speaking also banned, because of the power of the lullaby. Everyone would be living in fear of when they would hear the lullaby. Everyone on the trip wants to do something different with the lullaby, using it for their own agenda. It’s an apocalyptic book, reinvented.

The story is crass, silly, and downright ridiculous at times, but is a joyful read! It’s probably one of my favorite Palahniuk books to date and it didn’t make me want to puke while reading it! (See: Beautiful You) Nor did I need to put it down and take a breather before I actually puked. (See: Haunted) If you’ve never read something by Palahniuk before, I think this would be a fun book to start on! Or Fight Club, a forever cult classic.


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  • I love Ms Marvel, but I haven’t read any Chuck Palahniuk’s book. Is Lullaby already available in bookstores, or is it like Kickstarter only?

  • Kay

    I definitely want to read Lullaby! And I really need to get more volumes of Ms. Marvel – I have Vol. 1 but that’s it!