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I’m going to try out a new way of doing this series where I only talk about one book each post, as well as dropping the numbering system so I can actually go back and know what book I was talking about in each segment!

library of souls

The final book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children trilogy! I’ve had this on my shelf for what feels like forever and ever, and just never got around to actually reading it. The books jumps right in where the last one left off, so you might want to brush up on the ending of the second book if you haven’t gotten around the final book yet. This book had a lot more action and was full of twists and turns that had me excited to see what would happen next! I really love the whole Peculiar universe that this book has created with the loops and everything, it’s very interesting!

I obviously don’t want to talk too much about it, since it is the third book, I could potentially spoil a lot of things if you haven’t read the series yet. (Which I would suggest doing, it’s a fun read!) I’ll give you a quick run-down of things so far. So we start the series by meeting Jacob, a young boy who, following a death in the family, finds himself at an abounded Welsh orphanage. He ends up stumbling through a portal and finding himself transported back in time, inside a time loop that is run by a Ymbryne. Inside this loop is a group of Peculiar children, hiding out from both the evils of the outside world and the monsters called Hollows that can’t find enter into loops. Here he meets the children and finds himself slowly getting more and more involved in their world. The action ramps up in the second book as they travel to new time loops, meet new people both good and bad, and find themselves in more dire situations than they would like, which all comes to a head in the third book!

The world in the third book is a lot darker than previous books, and some situations made me shiver a little bit. It explores some dark themes when the kids travel to a loop that is known to be dangerous and seedy, certainly not the place anyone would particularly want to go. They meet new people, both friendly and devious, they learn more about the history of the Peculiar world and the myths that have been passed down as stories. Jacob learns more about his powers and explores his feelings as well, as the adventure begins to come to an end.

I really enjoyed the ending of the series. It didn’t feel too rushed nor did it feel overly cliched, which I appreciate. Overall, I really loved this series, and I think if I would have read this back when I was in middle school, I would have been an even bigger fan of the series!

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