Whew, it’s been ages since I posted about the wedding at all. Although a BUNCH of things have been done since my last post, which was probably about either A) The wedding convention I attended with my mum or B) The issues with wedding dress shopping. Now, months and months later, and now it is actually the same year as the wedding, I’ve buckled down and started to get more serious with planning. I have done the big things:


  1. Venue (Been booked for nearly 2 years)
  2. DJ (BOOKED!)
  3. String quartet (BOOKED!)
  5. Photographer (BOOKED!)

Other big things:

  • Bridesmaid dresses picked out/ordered/arrived
  • Spa appointments booked
  • Hair consultation scheduled
  • macaroon consultation scheduled
  • menu tasting consultation scheduled
  • Guest list pinned down (almost, seriously the most stressful thing ever hells bells)
  • Registry started and half done
  • Room blocks booked at nearby hotels
  • Save the Dates designed/printed and just need to be stuffed and mailed

LIKE WHOA! Things are actually coming together?! How insane is that!! Now most of things left are details and things that Alex is in charge of (that will, let’s face it, probably not get done unless I threaten him) and designing the actual invitations. I do have sketches and the like, but nothing has been started on that front.

It feels like a weight has left my shoulders now that I’ve gotten the biggest things out of the way. Although, there is still a lot to take care of. I’ll share the Save the Date designs soon, so look forward to that!


By Jess

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  • Kay

    Congrats!! That’s a huge amount of things done! It must feel great. 😀