About Me


blue_hairWho am I?

Hallo! Thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the internet. An extra thank you for clicking on this page to learn more about me! I’m not the best at talking about myself, but here we go!
My name is Jess and I’m an ex-barista from Pittsburgh turned graphic designer currently residing in Texas. I’m engaged to my amazing potato, Alex, who is a teacher here in good old Texas. We met in Pittsburgh while we were both baristas and went through an awkward courtship until we became a couple of potatoes, trying to adult together. I’m also a huge hover cat-mom who is constantly doting on my one and only little cat, Yuki. I work hard so my cat can have a better life! Moving from the far north to the far south has been a huge change in my life, and caused a lots of ups and down the first year. Though, my constants in life have always been reading, designing, and watching an obnoxious amount of anime.

WHat is bookworm by design?

I started blogging back in summer of 2013 under a different blog name: Bookworms in Dresses, which some of you might remember! (If anyone has stuck around that long!) I started the blog back then with the idea to be a fashion blogger who also reviews books with friends, but that didn’t pan out the way I intended and so after all these years, I decided to re-name my blog to fit in more with what I actually blog about, which is design and book reviews, with the occasional life or travel post. So what you can expect to see on Bookworm by Design?

  • By Design: Posts that high light design work I’ve done (Logos, invitations, etc.)
  • Books for Breakfast: My book review posts! I normally review two books at once
  • Travel Diaries: Posts about my past and current travels
  • Life posts that just talk about life in general, cosplay, and other current events

I hope you stick around and enjoy!


young_yukCloseup_my_facepainting_couple Drawn by the amazing: Kayly of My Open Sketchbook!