Free Spirit Award: Finding a Fandom & Real Life


I was nominated for this award by 8-bit Octopus and she gave the topic as: How has finding a fandom helped you express yourself in real life? Which is quite the interesting topic to write about! But first, I should go over how this award works: You write about the topic that whoever nonimated you gave Put the award somewhere in the post Nominate other bloggers Give your nominees a new…

Travel Diaries – NYCC

Cosplay, Travel Diaries

I don't know how obvious my general nerd-ness is, but I guess here I will lay it all out on the table! This past week/weekend I went to NYC to visit friends and to, well, go to NYCC. That stands for New York Comic Con if you weren't aware. It's basically a giant nerd convention. Nintendo has a booth, DC has a booth, Capcom has a booth, Harper Collins Publishing…