Music You’ve Been Missing #2

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Laura Stevenson – Wheel How Long You’ve Been Missing Out: 1 Year (Released April 2013) The Album in One Sentence: Mostly upbeat and catchy singer/songwriter music with a surprisingly dark, cleverly worded existentialist theme. Defining Lyric: “You are a runner, the steady balance as you’re gaining in speed, a photograph to scale the thrashing of your feet. And it won’t be over until the big, backhand of the sun, beats…

My Summer Playlist – #SummerBloggerChallenge

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I was trying to explain to my boyfriend that before he came into my life, the way I found my music was: 50% Sarah, 20% Tumblr, 20% Pandora, and 10% other random places. Now it's probably: 40% boyfriend, 30% Sarah, 20% Pandora, 10% Tumblr/misc. I've been looking back at old songs this summer and finding some new ones too! So here is my summer playlist, as told by my Pandora,…

Music You’ve Been Missing

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Wow, what's this? Almost a year in and suddenly a new weekly series? Well, remember that time I said that I was going to get the boyfriend to write some stuff on here? He's apparently taken with the idea and wants to share his love of music with everyone! And I, for one, am super duper excited by it! So everyone enjoy the new series: Music You've Been Missing! Hey everyone,…