A little about my camera!


Once upon a time I had a little Nikon D40. It was the first ever DLSR I owned/used. Before that I only knew how to work with film cameras. I had a Sony one and another one (Canon I think?) that is now lost somewhere, it  saddens me deeply :(  Recently I decided that I wanted an upgrade and went for a Nikon D5100. I gave the D40 to my…

Travel Diaries – NYC

Travel Diaries

This is certainly not my first visit to NYC. I travel to NYC about once a year to visit friends and to explore new parts of the city! There is always something new to see!  This was bookstore exploring time for me! I walked around and peeked into bookstores! Strand was awesome, the layout and interior was so cool! I bought a few books and a bag! Kinokuniya has an…

Phipps for the day

Local Flavor

I went to visit Phipps, which is located in Pittsburgh, PA and is an indoor botanical garden! It's BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to share the pictures with you all! It's a great place to visit when it's cold outside to warm you up and get your fill of flowers during those white months. 

Travel Diaries – Cambria, California

Travel Diaries

Time warp back to the trip to California that I took this year in March for spring break. I took some amazing photos on this vacation, one of which I blew up onto a canvas for my mother. (Care to guess which one?)  This is the stack of all the books I read over my 8 day vacation. I liked all the books except for When we were Friends. I…

Travel Diaries – Maine (The Lobster)

Travel Diaries

I bet you thought you were done with the Maine trip but...I couldn't not talk about the lobster I got mid-way through the vacation! I "adopted" it from one of the historical inn's we stayed at and took pictures with it as we went around! I named him Marvin. (Because Marvin and Maine both start with M's and I love alliterations.)  Dad reading Marvin's "adoption" information! I kept him in…

Travel Diaries – Maine Roadtrip (The Lighthouses)

Travel Diaries

As I mentioned in my highlights post about my Maine trip, one of the most exciting parts of the trip for me was seeing all the lighthouses! And believe me, there were A LOT to see! Although I didn't get to see a whole bunch of them, I did get to see a hefty amount considering we were only there for about 4 days!  So many beautiful lighthouses!!!  Happy Travels!!

Travel Diaries – Maine Roadtrip (The Highlights)

Travel Diaries

I spent this past week road tripping from the south of Maine, all the way up the coast to the very northern tip! I've never been to Maine, so we decided it would be the perfect trip to end my first quarter of art school!  One of the maine reasons I wanted to go to Maine (Oh, look at that pun) was to see all the lighthouses on the coast!…

From Sarah: Erie Adventure with Jess!

Life, Local Flavor

Jess already made a post about our adventures in Erie, but I’ll also let you in on my side of the story. I don’t know if I was more excited about seeing the ships at the Tall Ships Festival or eating all the food at Pufferbelly’s.  DELICIOUS Although I did have one problem, despite the great food and the adorable deserts, I was greatly disappointed when I came to the…

Erie Adventure with Sarah!

Life, Local Flavor

The flea market might have been a bust, but there was more fun to be had in Erie! I got to have brunch with Sarah and we even got to attend the Tall Ships festival there! So many pretty sail boats!  There was a lovely brunch bar at The Pufferbelly in Erie that had an omelette station! The desserts though, were without a doubt the most fantastic part of the…

Travel Diaries – Outer Banks

Travel Diaries

I've never taken a trip with a best friend before, well, at least not really. I never imagined how much fun it would be! Everyday was an adventure and we got to do all sorts of fun things I've never done before, like jet skiing and riding a segway off road!! Crazy fun! (minus getting smacked in face by tree limbs) This vacation took place in June and was the…