Things I miss about Pittsburgh

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It's been nearly a year since I moved down to Houston with Alex! Time has literally flown by, and even more so that I have a desk job. Having a steady schedule that doesn't vary seems to make the weeks fly by even faster for some reason! It was a lot to get used to and it took a while to really feel at home, but making friends and having…

So Long Pittsburgh!


Goodbye Pittsburgh! I spent six years living here, one year in a small pie shaped dorm room, which I thankfully had all to myself, and the next five living in a wonderful condo of which the only downfall was that it didn't allow pets. (Boo!) I'll miss the friends that I've made over these past six years, some of the most recent friends that I've made, I'm the saddest to…

Pittsburgh Bucket List

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Since we are moving soon, Alex and I decided to make up a bucket list of things that we wanted to do in Pittsburgh before moving! Some of these are more personal/sentimental things and others are more touristy things that everyone does when they visit. Either way, they are things we hope to do before we head down south! We've already done two things on the list, but I wanted…

Pittsburgh Art Festival

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We decided to check out the art festival in Pittsburgh a while back, and I just got super lazy in actually posting about it. Since I was working on my final portfolio show display and trying to get graduated from college number 2! (Phew! Another degree finished!) I love going to art festivals though, there are always awesome vendors, and I wish I could buy more art to hang on…

Best Day Ever!

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The whole point of going to Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh borough) was to drop off my (aka my mom's) old record player to see if we could get it fixed. But, let's just say my experience/knowledge with the whole "vinyl" thing is extremely limited, that's my boyfriend's area of expertise. If I post, or he decides to post, about records sometime...then I'll share my embarrassing story about my lack of knowledge…

Lazy Days


We celebrated the return of wonderful warm weather (despite all the wind) with a nice relaxing evening on the roof top deck! I love the view of the city, well, of part of the city! We paired it with our respective books and drinks! (Sex on the Beach made in our mixer!) Yum! What are you doing to celebrate the nice warm weather??

Lawrenceville Cookie Tour!!

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First let's talk about Lawrenceville for a second, because I rarely get to go down to that borough. I didn't even know about Lawrenceville when I first moved to Pittsburgh, until I had a class way back in my freshman year to explore other boroughs. I still don't get the chance to go down there often, even though it's pretty close. Anyways, I saw they were having a cookie tour! A…

Museum Day!

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Today I went out to the museum with one of my friends that I rarely get time to see! She's a fellow barista and biology student, so she's super duper busy! We didn't have long today but we got to squeeze in a little museum adventure and coffee date! (She had to take pictures for an extra credit assignment) I hope everyone had a lot of fun today! 

Phipps for the day

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I went to visit Phipps, which is located in Pittsburgh, PA and is an indoor botanical garden! It's BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to share the pictures with you all! It's a great place to visit when it's cold outside to warm you up and get your fill of flowers during those white months.