Mum's Holiday Cookies


I thought I'd share with you an ancient recipe passed down through the family…..okay I lied, my mom cut it out of a gold medal flour bag way back when and now we make them every year, but shhhh, I try to make it sound more impressive than it is. Anyways, I will share our cookie recipe with you! I love them, they are SO GOOD! Yum! Called Fudgy Oatmeal…

Gnocchi for Dinner!


Today we home cooked our dinner! I'm not really a big cook even though I have a lovely kitchen! (I should really try to cook more often!) Sarah wanted to make Gnocchi, the Southern Italian variety! That means that it's made with cheese instead of potato! It's super good and only needs three ingredients! Plus it's fun to make with a friend, or a significant other It's easy to make.…